Speckled Trout. Year round fishery. Best in spring and fall. We’ll use live shrimp, jig some plastics, and in the early morning, try some top water artificials.

Redfish. Year round fishery. Fall calls for bull reds on the sand bars with some mullet on a hook. Low water reds and tailing reds love flies and jigs.

Flounder. Best Spring through fall. Bottom rigs and jigging.

Tarpon. We need the heat of the summer for these to arrive. Live bait on the bottom and float a crab with the current. Low water for you pro’s, let’s try a fly.

Tripletail. Live shrimp while stalking them on the beach or on some structure from April through the summer. Great to fly fish for these too.

Snappers, Grouper, Cobia, Spadefish and Black Sea Bass. On the calmest of days the Webbed Pause will head off shore for some bigger fish.

Ladyfish, Jacks, Sharks, and more.